General Background Information

Pa Kua Chang is one of the primary internal systems of the Chinese martial arts. Pa Kua Chang is a relatively young martial art based on natural principles that come directly from ancient Chinese philosophy. There are two important components to Pa Kua: Health and Self-Defense.  Both are essential elements to the full and complete development of the Pa Kua practitioner.  

Pa Kua integrates Chi Kung, Meditation, Physical Conditioning, and Scientifically-based Fighting Principles into a complete and comprehensive martial discipline. While well known for it’s “circle walking”, Pa Kua Chang is also famous for its palm strikes, evasive footwork and quick snake-like movements. 

Modern health, fitness and physical education disciplines tend to emphasize the external methods of physical development.  However, in terms of health and longevity, internal development is equally, if not more important. Master Park’s system of Chi Kung has three important component parts.  These three components are initially trained separately in a series of progressive exercises so that the practitioner can develop each in isolation.  Once a student has reached certain levels of development in each of the component areas, more advanced training is initiated which combines the component elements.  The component parts in the system include breathing development and breath control exercises to help increase the body’s vital capacity, meditation exercises to increase awareness, focus and concentration.

The San Diego Pa Kua Kung Fu Academy’s exclusive course of study is Pa Kua Chang.   The San Diego Pa Kua Kung Fu Academy provides training in “the basics” such as: stance work, body flexibility, coordination drills, and standard form sets. Additional Pa Kua instruction includes footwork, palm striking drills, combat sets, weapons, Pa Kua theory and Pa Kua ch'i kung.