Instructor Biographies

Sifu Rogelio Lopez

Rogelio began his martial arts training during the early 1970s by researching various martial arts.  In 1975, he began to study yang style tai chi chuan.  This course of study lasted until 1989, when he expanded his formal training in tai chi chuan to include chen style.  In 1992, Dan Miller, Editor of the Pa Kua Journal, introduced him to Master Park Bok-Nam.  Rogelio began studying Pa Kua with Master Park in Baltimore Maryland and continued his training after relocating to California.   In June of 2000 he became an Official 7th Generation Lineage student under Master Park.  During the same year he opened the San Diego branch school of Masterís Park Pa Kua Chang.

Master Park Bok-Nam

Master Park is the senior lineage disciple of Lu Shui-Tan of Shangtung Province, China.  He has written numerous articles for various martial arts publications and is the author of a two-volume set of manuals and videos on Pa-Kua Chang entitled Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang.  Master Park has developed one of the most comprehensive training programs for learning Pa Kua.  With over 40 years of experience in Pa Kua, Master Park is one of the most skilled practitioners and instructors alive today.